Boatyard 20 – Singles KO final – Sunday 24th February 2019

Chris Tims wins this week with 11lb 9oz

With the weather very similar to last weekend (ie bright sun very warm and light winds) a hard day was expected by most of the 19 competitors fishing this week. There were less blanks than last week, but overall the weights were low with most people scratching for bites. There is always someone who has to spoil the “low weight party” and this week it was Chris Tims (again) who sat on peg 8 on the Crane Basin and had a very nice day, catching throughout the match, to put a winning weight of 11lb 9oz on the scales. In 2nd place was John Hehir from peg 22 in the Big Basin with 6lb 1oz and in 3rd was Alex Watson on the first Jetty with 4lb 13oz . The Singles KO final between Jon Burton and Mark Charlwood became a one fish shoot-out with both catching 1 skimmer and Jon came out the winner with 1lb 3oz against Mark’s 12oz fish. The top of the winter points table changed round once again with Chris’s win taking him into the lead, but it could be any of the top 3 who run out winners after next weeks match, let us hope for a change in the weather which might improve the fishingand get the fish feeding in all areas again. Despite the last two weeks being on the hard side (although last week had the best catch of the season) this winter has seen the Yards bounce back to form after a couple of poor years, with the return of some quality roach, skimmers and perch and very consistent sport around all 3 basins, let’s hope it continues and we are now at the start of a run of “good years” again. Last points match next week – The Ludham Cup – ……………See you there

Results 24-2-19
pegging map 24-2-19
Singles Final Result – Jon Burton Wins

Boatyard 19 – Sunday 17th February 2019

Pete Sutton this weeks winner with 26lb 8oz and the latest member of the “20” club

20 anglers lined up in the very pleasant springlike sunshine to take part in this Sundays match. The pre-match talk was optimistic due to the warm conditions, but there were some doubts as to how it would fish as Jon Burton had been down on Friday and failed to catch in the big basin and Mark Harmer had been on Saturday and had also struggled for bites. So after the draw the story of the match unfolded and it seemed that if you were in the Big Basin it was the kiss of death! (what a turnaround from last week). Pete Sutton must feel like he has served his apprenticeship now as he won this week. On unfancied peg 1 in the Crane Basin, Pete “emptied it” with an oustanding weight of 26lb 8oz of mainly skimmers. He can also claim the highest weight of the winter so far and of course becomes a member of the newly formed elite “20” club. Away from this mega weight the only other reasonable weights were at the end of the Gate Basin where Terry Smith on the right hand side had 9lb 6oz for 2nd place and just round the corner was Dave Agass who had 9lb 2oz for 3rd. Dave Edgerton had the top weight in the Big basin with 7lb 2oz off the 1st jetty and out of 10 anglers in the Big Basin – 7 blanked!
What is occuring? We shall just have to see what happens next weekend. On the “points” front Mr Burton has managed to get back into the top 2 and with only 6 points separating the top 3 the last two points matches will be fun – if it fishes like it did this week there could be some big changes afoot! Single final next week between JB and Mark C, more silverware for someone…………………….See you there.

Results sheet 17-2-19
pegging map 17-2-19

Boatyard 18 The Bill Davies Cup – Sunday 10th February 2019

Tony Wilkinson and Jon Burton. Founder members of the “20” club
Jon Burton wins with the best weight so far this winter 25lb 6oz
Tony Wilkinson’s 21lb 8oz for 2nd place again this week

A wet day was forecast with a strengthening breeze but still 16 hardy souls queued up to draw and spend the next 5 plus hours being rained on. However the fishing was a bit special this Sunday – when you catch 16lb 6oz and don’t even get your section!!!!! ( Sorry Steve Wilkinson – fancy letting your Dad beat you). The 20lb club was formed this week with 2 founding members, Messrs Jon Burton and Tony Wilkinson (2nd for the 2nd week running) both breaking the magic 20lb barrier for the first time this winter. Jon took first place from peg 9 at the top of the Big Basin with a sparkling net of skimmers and roach for 25lb 6oz. He was followed by Tony Wilkinson on peg 16 also on the Big Basin in front of the offices where he had 21lb 8oz of quality skimmers. 3rd place was Denny Hammond on the Gate Basin peg 5 who had 17lb 10oz. Half the field had double figures this week which in the unpleasant conditions was some consolation. Mr Burton is now contemplating a big comeback in the winter points race and, if he continues this weeks form, anything is possible. I would point out that I will be trying my hardest not to let him back to the top as will a certain Mr Charlwood but who knows!!! Next week is forecast to be springlike with warm wind from the south….. See you there

This weeks section winners

pegs 3 -7 Denny Hammond 17lb 10oz

pegs 9 – 16 Jon Burton 25lb 6oz

pegs 17 – 22 Mark Harmer 11lb 12oz

Pegging map 10-2-19
Results sheet 10-2-19

Boatyard 17 – Singles KO semi finals – Sunday 3rd February 2019

Mark Charwood wins in the frost with a 13lb 12oz catch

A heavy frost and zero degrees greeted the 14 entrants in this weeks angling fixture. The weather certainly had an effect on the fishing with the sudden drop in temperature and the bright sunshine not conditions you would choose to fish in in the winter. However it was business as usual for Mark Charlwood who put in 6 balls of groundbait into peg 10 at the top of the big basin and then proceeded to catch a procession of skimmers and roach from the off and then pretty steadily though the day with a 2lb plus “skimmer” coming in the last half hour – just to make sure! I know all this because I was on the next peg where I didn’t get a bite until 10.30 – but it was ok because wherever I looked, left or right, either Mark, or last weeks winner Adie Hall, were netting fish!!! My favourite choice of Sunday entertainment!

Mark Charlwood won this week with an excellent 13lb 12oz of quality skimmers and roach. Tony Wilkinson had a good day on the first jetty catching around 90 fish and coming in 2nd with 10lb 12oz and Adie hall had to settle for 3rd this week with 9lb 14oz. So the frame was all in the Big basin but apart from the 1st jetty the other 3 did not produce the weights we have come to expect. There were two 8lb plus weights in the Gate basin but the fish were obviously quite tightly shoaled and if you weren’t on them it was hard going. As to the Singles – Jon Burton beat Dave Edgerton to secure his place against Mark Charlwood who went through atomatically as Dave Agass was unfortunately unwell and not able to fish this week – hope you’re on the mend Dave.
The Singles final is on the 24th February 2019

Section winners this week

Pegs 3 – 7 Dennis Willis 8lb 13oz

Pegs 10 – 16 Mark Charlwood 13lb 12oz

Pegs 19 – 23 Tony Wilkinson 10lb 12oz

Pegging map 3-2-19
results sheet 3-2-19

One other piece of news I heard this week was the death of that widely known local angling “character” Mick Challen, who for many years was a member of Stalham AC and also North Walsham Kingfishers and East Ruston angling clubs. Mick was always ready to share his “expertise” with anyone and I have lost count of the times he has stood behind me and told me I shouldn’t do it like that, or should be using a bigger float/hook/rod/bait (delete as required) RIP Mick – you will be remembered.