Colton – Sunday 27th May 2018

Mark Seaman back in the frame at Colton this week

Round 11 this week was at Colton. This can be a very hard venue with some very big wise carp. 13 members turn out this week, all hoping for a peg full of big carp. Once again it was Mark Seaman who ran away with match. Mark drew the end peg and made no mistake weighing 139lb for a comfortable win. 2nd place goes to Trevor Dodson,Trevor drew the other end peg and weighed 96lb 12oz. 3rd place was the bandit himself, Alex Watson. Alex weighed 92lb 14oz half a fish short Alex. There was some good back up weights this week too. Tony Wilkinson had one carp weighing over 14lb so you don’t need many for a big weight here.
1st Mark Seaman 139lb
2nd Trevor Dodson 96lb 12oz
3rd Alex Watson 92lb 14oz
4th Terry Smith 74lb 4oz
5th Dave Agass 49lb
6th Mark Harmer 47lb 8oz
7th Mark Charlwood 45lb 12oz
8th Dave Paynter 43lb 12oz
9th Tony Wilkinson 29lb 8oz
10th Mike Dossena 22lb 08oz
11th Jon Burton 12lb 10oz
12th Dave Dearman 7lb 12oz
13th Matt Jeffreys 6lb 12oz
Next week it’s back to Reepham.
See you all there.

Old Stables – Sunday 20th May 2018

Dennis Willis wins again at Old Stables

Round 10 this week was at The Old Stables Nth Walsham. 14 members turned out this week so it was a full house as normal. The forecast for the day was misty to start and get brighter as the day went on. This weeks winner, making it 2 on the spin, was Dennis Willis. Dennis drew peg 16 and caught fish from the off. He caught down both edges to weigh a very good 67lb 6oz well done Dennis. 2nd place this week goes to Dave Agass. Dave fished peg 4 and caught well all day just a little bit away from the reeds on his trusty meat balls and tipped the scales round to 59lb 8oz. 3rd goes to Dave Dearman. Dave fished the other side of the reed bed in the corner on peg 5. Dave weighed in 33lb 9oz well done. Everybody caught fish but it was a hard day for most.

1st Dennis Willis 67lb 6oz

2nd Dave Agass 59lb 8oz

3rd Dave Dearman 33lb 9oz

4th Mark Seaman 30lb 4oz

5th Dave Gipson 28lb

6th Mark Charlwood 26lb 12oz

7th Trevor Dodson 23lb 2oz

8= John Hehir 22lb 12oz & Mark Harmer 22lb 12oz

10th Jon Burton 18lb

11th Dave Paynter 12lb 2oz

12th Terry Smith 10lb 9oz

13th Tony Wilkinson 10lb 8oz

14th John Higgingson 6lb 3oz

Next week it’s of to Colton on the Barford complex. See you all there.

Melton Ponds – Sunday 13th May 2018

Dennis Willis celebrating his win this week

Round 9 this week was at Melton Pond 4. With the weather a little cooler this week and a chance of a light shower or two. 14 members made the long drive this week. With the draw done it was time to see if anyone could stop the inform Mark3. Dennis Willis had drawn peg 1 at the bottom end where we had been told all the fish were being caught. Dennis made no mistake and ran out the winner by 6oz’s with 62lb 14oz. Dennis caught on the feeder and down the edge at the end. Well done Dennis. 2nd place goes to Dave Paynter, Dave was fished peg 14 which has always been a good area in the past. Dave weighed 62lb 8oz ( just one more Dave). 3rd place goes to Mark Harmer for a second week running (must try harder). Mark fished peg 4 and had 10 carp for a total of 52lb 4oz. Everybody caught fish but it was hard in some areas.

1st Dennis Willis 62lb 14oz

2nd Dave Paytner 62lb 8oz

3rd Mark Harmer 54lb 4oz

4th Mark Charlwood 47lb 4oz

5th Terry Smith 27lb 6oz

6th Dave Dearman 21lb

7th Trevor Dodson 20lb 2oz

8th Tony Wilkinson 19lb 8oz

9th Jon Burton 17lb 8oz

10th Dave Edgerton 9lb 4oz

11th Mike Dossena 7lb

12th John Higgingson 6lb 6oz

And there was 2 D’N’W’s today.

Next week it’s back to the Old Stables. See you all there.

Reepham – Sunday 6th May 2018

Mark Seaman wins this week at Reepham

Round 8 this week was at Reepham Fishery. With 18 members turning out this week. With a warm day forecast and no rain for a change it was time to start. Mark Seaman came out on top spot this week from his peg on the long lake. Mark drew peg 32 and caught fish steadily all day from a patch of reeds to his right( that’s not fishing). Mark weighed a very good 94lb 2oz. 2nd goes to Mr frame himself Mark Charlwood who dropped down one place from last weeks win. Mark was fishing peg 20 on the main lake. Mark fished the pellet waggler and weighed in a good 63lb. 3rd this week goes to Mark Harmer. Mark drew peg 29 in between the two lakes and this can be a very good area. Mark caught lots of the new F1’s and a few bigger carp near the end to weigh 43lb 13oz. So all that practice in the winter for team Mark 3 payed off today. You won’t win anything in this club unless you are called Mark Lol ? ?.

Reepham Match Lake in the Sunshine


1st Mark Seaman 94lb 2oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 63lb

3rd Mark Harmer 43lb 13oz

4th Dennis Willis 42lb 9oz

5th Terry Smith 41lb 2oz

6th Alex Watson 32lb 7oz

7th Matt Jeffries 29lb 13oz

8th Dave Dearman 25lb 14oz

9th Trevor Dodson 25lb 12oz

10th Mike Dossena 22lb 3oz

11th Dave Paynter 21lb 11oz

12th Matt Rowntree 20lb 13oz

13th Dave Gipson 18lb 12oz

14th Dave Edgerton 15lb 10oz

15th Dave Easter 11lb 5oz

16th Dave Agass 10lb 15oz

17th Chris Tims 9lb 8oz

And there was one D’N’W this week.

Next week it’s back to Melton Pond 4.

See you all there.