Melton Ponds – Sunday 25th March 2018

Mark Harmer makes it 2 wins on the spin at Melton
Round 2 of the summer series was at Melton Pond 4. 13 members made the long drive today. With the forecast set to be much warmer than last week some were looking forward to the 5 hours fishing, and some were not. With the draw done and everyone ready it was time to see who would be victorious this week. Once again it was Mark Harmer who ran away with things for his second win on the bounce. Mark caught carp steadily all day at 14m dobbing bread for a total weight of 47lb 8oz. First time I’ve done 2 wins back to back. 2nd place goes to Tony Wilkinson. Tony caught 4 big carp right near the end and weighed 29lb 8oz fishing bread again. Mark Charlwood made the frame again this week with 12lb 6oz for 3rd. It fished very hard again because of the cold weather. Some people had 1 fish and some had none, things can only improve in the coming weeks. Next up it’s cobbleacre. See you all there. Don’t forget to call Dave for a chance to fish.
1st Mark Harmer 47lb 8oz
2nd Tony Wilkinson 29lb 8oz
3rd Mark Charlwood 12lb 6oz
4th Dave Agass 8lb 14oz
5th Mark Seaman 7lb 14oz
6th Jon Burton 5lb 12oz
7th Dave Edgerton 4lb 7oz
8th Trevor Dodson 4lb 4oz
9th= Dave Dearman 0lb 2oz
Terry Smith 0lb 2oz
And 3 D’N’W’s

Old Stables North Walsham – Sunday 18th March 2018

Mark Harmer this weeks winner sometime after the match
So today was the first summer match of 2018, at The Old Stables. The weather on the other hand thought different as temperatures took a big plunge to sub zero again. With over night snow and more forecast the numbers were down to 10 crazy fools. Today’s winner was Mark Harmer who drew peg 1 in the deep water. Mark fished the maggot feeder all day and weighed 8lb 8oz. 2nd goes to Dave Agass who was on peg 5 on the far side and caught fish late in the match for 4lb 8oz.3rd place was Mark Charlwood. Mark was on peg 16 and weighed 4lb dead. The weights were well done to what they are normally even this time of year. We need the sun to shine all week so we can hopefully have some better weights next week.
1st Mark Harmer 8lb 8oz
2nd Dave Agass 4lb 8oz
3rd Mark Charlwood 4lb
4th Mike Dossena 3lb 4oz
5th Tony Wilkinson 3lb
6th Dave Edgerton 0lb 11oz
7th Terry Smith 0lb 4oz
8th Trevor Dodson 0lb 2oz
And there was 2 D.N.W’s
Next week it’s of to Melton pond 4
See you all there, don’t forget to call Dave for a chance to fish.

Boatyard 22 – Sunday 11th March 2018

John Burton wins the last boatyard match of the season

Last boatyard match of the season and with only one blank out of the 13 competitors, things were improving, relative to the last few weeks!! John Burton drew lucky peg 7 at the top of the left side of the Crane Basin  this week and so it proved for him weighing in  5lb 6oz for 1st place. Mark Charlwood was on the opposite side of the Crane and nearer the bottom end where he had 5lb 1oz for 2nd and Matt Jefferys had 3lb 13oz from peg 5 on the Crane for 3rd. So that brings to a close a hard and unpredictable winter series of matches on the boatyards this year with a definite lack of the quality and numbers of fish that we have become used to over the past few seasons. Let us hope they make  return next autumn. Now I will pass you over to Mr Harmer for the summer match reports as we look forward to a few carp and some big weight matches through the summer series. See you on some of them…………

PS don’t forget the AGM on Tuesday The 20th March 2018 at the Harnser 8pm

Section winners this week:

Pegs 1 – 4           Mark Charlwood

Pegs 5 – 7           John Burton

Pegs 8 – 10        John Hehir

Pegs 11- 13      Dennis Willis

Boatyard 21 – Ludham Cup – 4th March 2018

Dave Edgerton happy with his win this week

After all the freezing weather of the previous few days it was quite surprising to find the boatyards relatively free of ice! There was a bit floating around in the Crane Basin which seemed very attached to Dennis Willis – he just couldn’t get rid of it all day. The fishing was much improved on last weeks debacle as well, but don’t get excited, there were still 3 blanks and 4 weights below 1lb out of the 11 anglers. The 4 pegs nearest the end of the Gate Basin were the place to be and Dave Edgerton this week took 1st place from the left hand end of the Gate with a very respectable 7lb 15oz. Dave Dearman, on the right hand side of the Gate was 2nd with 4lb 5oz  but went for 2hrs without a bite in the middle of the match. Just up the right side of the Gate was Trevor Dodson who had 3lb 13oz for 3rd place which makes him Winter Points winner this

The Sutton Cup – awarded to the Winter Points Winner – Trevor Dodson

year beating Dave Dearman by just ONE point, and gives him the Sutton Cup to look after (and clean) for a year. Trevor also won the Singles KO today with after it was agreed to re-fish it as both finalists blanked last week, so that’s another trophy to be cared for!! But the unbelievable run of brown envelopes for Mr Dodson came to an end this week as third wasn’t in the money and Dave Dearman took the section – all good things must come to an end and all that….. Next week is the last boatyard match of the winter and it has not been a classic year at the yards. Let us hope that come the autumn the fish will return and give us a better run of weights again. Just have to say thank you as always to Colin Jonas for his sterling work as match secretary through the winter and Don’t forget the AGM is on Tuesday 20th March starts at 8pm at The Harnser, Sutton……..See you there

This weeks Section Winners

Pegs 1 -3              COLIN JONAS!!!!!!

Pegs 10 – 13         Dave Dearman

Pegs 14 – 17         Dave Edgerton