Boatyard 20 – Singles KO Final – 25th February 2018

Chris Tims was on the flyer this week winning with 13oz!!!

Bright sunshine and a bitter east wind was the order of the day at the yards this week, but no hard frost. BUT, we thought it had been grim the last couple of weeks, this week was one of the lowest weight matches for years. Out of the 13  certifiable regulars who turned out only FOUR caught anything! Chris Tims was the on the “flyer” at the right hand end of the Gate Basin this week and duly won with 20 fish for 13oz!!!! Next to him was Colin Jonas on the left hand side who had 8 fish for 3oz and 2nd place. Just up the right side of the Gate was Dave Dearman who had 2 tiny fish in the last hour for 1oz he shared 3rd place with Billy Plummer who had 1 fish for 1oz on the end of the Crane Basin. This was the only fish caught on the Crane Basin this week.

Chris with his fluoro pinkie pike

Chris also had a pike in the first hour of the match on a single fluoro pinkie on a 24 hook which gave him a few moments of excitement before he netted it and then returned it further up the Basin. So with his 3rd place Dave Dearman moves to within 2 points of Trevor Dodson at the top of the points table and it is all to play for next week on the final winter points match. Talking of the “master of the pick up” AKA Trev Dodson, he was in a section which blanked this week and had to be drawn for – highest number wins etc – (I am sure you are all ahead of me here) and yes Trev picked up that section!!!! The man wins even when he catches nothing!!!! Every Match since Christmas Eve – unbelievable!! The Singles KO Final was also a washout with both anglers blanking in the same section so I am not sure how they will decide that – no doubt all will be revealed. I will have to try to summon some enthusiasm for next weeks match even with the forecast of an arctic blast this week………. See you there…….maybe!?!

Section Winners this week

Pegs 4 – 6                               Billy Plummer

Pegs 12 – 15 Drawn for      Trevor Dodson

Pegs 17 – 19                          Chris Tims

Pegs 20 – 22 Drawn for      Dave Agass

Boatyard 19 – Sunday 18th February 2018

Dave Dearman makes it 4 wins so far this winter

Another week, another grueller! Hard frost and bright sun conspired to produce another diabolically low weight match for the 18 hardcore idiots who ventured out again this week. Mind you everything is relative and there were ONLY 5 blanks this week ( and I wasn’t one of them – just!). Dave Dearman continued his  outstanding winter form with his fourth win, this week from the right hand end of the Gate Basin with an all conquering 4lb 9oz. Mike Brown was up the left side of the Gate Basin where he caught 2lb 4oz for 2nd place and he was closely followed by John Burton with 2lb dead who was on the next peg back towards the end of the Gate. So the Gate Basin was THE draw. The Crane Basin was a graveyard yet again with 1oz winning one section and 0.5oz winning the other!!! (mind you guess who won his section with 0.5oz Initials T.D. – I say no more…) I had a slightly better week, having drawn exactly the same peg as last week, I had two and a half bites and one tiny little perch – fantastic. I can’t wait for next weeks dose of pain, maybe the Gods will make a mistake and let me catch some fish again……….See you there

This weeks Section Winners

Pegs 3, 4, & 8 (don’t ask)                     Trevor Dodson

Pegs  5 – 7                                               John Hehir

Pegs  9 – 11                                             Dave Dearman

Pegs  12 – 14                                           Mike Brown

Pegs 17 – 19                                            Mark Harmer

Pegs 20 – 22                                            Dennis Willis

Boatyard 18 – Sunday 11th February 2018

Dave Agass gets his first win of the winter this week

There was a field of 17 for this Sundays Match; it is amazing how we all keep turning up for our weekly dose of pain and frustration. With no frost but a strong gusty cold wind it soon became obvious it was a very “peggy” day with the low weights that have become the norm this year at the yards. Dave Agass recorded his first win of the winter  with just 4 fish for 4lb 13oz and the dubious honour of being the only person to catch on the Crane Basin! Mr Consistent pick-up, Trevor Dodson (who else!) was a very close 2nd with 4lb 10oz from the right end of the Gate Basin with a net of small fish. Trev was regretting the fish he had lost during the match, it is always the fish you lose that cost you money. Dave Edgerton was at the end of the road peg on the Big Basin and had 3lb 12oz for 3rd, again all small fish. The Winter points table is looking quite tight at the top especially as one bad draw can see a big swing in points each week, and with 3 points matches left it would be a brave man who would pick the winner – I only need 3 wins and the leaders to all blank for the next 3 weeks and I ‘ll be there!! Lets just hope we get a few weeks where everyone catches –  that would be an improvement on this weeks 7 blanks out of 17 wouldn’t it. We can dream……… See you there

This weeks Section Winners

Pegs 1 – 5              Dave Agass

Pegs 6 –  8             Matt Jeffreys

Pegs 9 -11             Trev Dodson

Pegs 13 – 17          Mark Charlwood

Pegs 18 – 22          Dave Edgerton

Boatyard 17 – Singles KO 4th Rnd – Sunday 4th February 2018

It’s that man AGAIN – Trevor Dodson first place  this week

Cold conditions with a strengthening North Easterly wind and wintry showers greeted the 15 competitors in this weeks match. and if you didn’t draw right this week it was a gruelling days fishing for very little return. However if your name is Trevor Dodson you have no such worries…. You draw next to the boat at the bottom end of the big basin where you have calm water to fish in and you happily bag up for the duration of the match to continue your excellent run of form and put 7lb 6oz on the scales for 1st place just one place better than last week. (Me jealous? NO. I was about 150 yards further up the big basin where it was more like the north sea and you couldn’t hold your pole,  fishing for 5hrs for 2oz! Wonderful!!!) Second place this week was from the Crane Basin where Mike Brown found some fish to put  a level 7lb on the scales. Dennis Willis was on the right hand end of the Gate Basin and had fish from the off to end up with 4lb 11oz for 3rd. Overall though it was pretty dire with over half the field failing to break 1lb 8oz and in my illustrious section it was looking all very close in low ounces right up to the last half hour when the inimitable Mr John Burton snared a skimmer on his feeder and took the section with an unbeatable 13oz!!! The Singles final will be between Dennis Willis and Trevor Dodson to be fished on 25-2-2018. for results click here. I don’t know what is forecast for next weekend but let’s hope it is NOT more of the same…..See you there

This weeks Section Winners

Pegs 1 – 2                 Mike Brown

Pegs 5 – 9                 Dennis Willis

Pegs 13 – 17             John Burton

Pegs  18 – 21            Trevor Dodson