Boatyard 16 – Sunday 28th January 2018

match winning angler
Dave Dearman –  this weeks winner from the Big Basin

18 anglers all thought that this Sunday promised just about perfect conditions, weather wise, for a winter match. Overcast skies, mild rising temperature, and falling barometric pressure plus westerly winds – what more could you want? FISH would be a bonus. Yet again this week the fish (particularly quality samples) were conspicuous by their absence. The Big Basin was the best place to be this week with the top 3 places all coming from there. Dave Dearman once again took 1st place with 8lb 12oz from his peg at the end of the road  by the offices. He was followed by Trevor Dodson (AGAIN!!) who had 7lb from the peg to the right of winner and then 2 further pegs up the basin was Dennis Willis who had 5lb 15oz for 3rd. So Big Basin was sort of ok but on the Gate Basin top weight was 5lb 12oz 8drms from the Mike Dossena who was all on his own at the end of the Basin and the further you went up the basin the less fish there were. John Higginson was having visions of blanking 2 weeks in a row but luckily got his first bite at 1pm!!  On the Crane, Dave Agass was the only person to weigh in in his section with 1lb 10oz and John Burton carried on his picking-up habit winning his section with just 5.5oz. So I don’t know what is occurring with the yards but I doubt if it is likely to improve greatly this year. Maybe we should all try praying to Poisiedon and Neptune and any other God that you feel might help. Failing that I will just have to try to improve my artistic abilities (DRAWING SKILLS) and try again next week………See you there……

This weeks Section Winners

Pegs 1 – 3              Dave Agass

Pegs 4 – 6              John Burton

Pegs 8 –  12           Mike Dossena

Pegs 13 – 15          Dave Edgerton

Pegs 17 – 21          Dave Dearman

Boatyard 15 – Sunday 21st January 2018

Stalham AC match winner dave edgerton
Dave Edgerton wins in the Ice on the Crane Basin

A very sharp frost and a dire weather forecast was enough to restrict the field to 13 for this weeks match. But apart from the ice(!) the weather wasn’t so bad with very light winds and not too much bright sun, but yet again the fish had done a disappearing act. This week we had pegs on all 3 basins but it was a very hard match, with 5 blanks and although the top 3 weights were higher than last week that is nothing to get too excited about. The top 2 this week came off the ends of the Crane basin where Dave Edgerton was on the left hand side. He had to wait until nearly 11am before he started to catch but then he caught steadily for the remaining 3hrs to put an unassailable 6lb 4oz on the scales for 1st place this week. Opposite Dave was the ever consistent Trevor Dodson who also had to wait for the fish to turn up but then caught, just not as fast as the Edge, to end up with 4lb 4oz for second (again) this week. I think that must be 6 pick ups in the last 6 matches for Trevor who is enjoying a real “purple patch” at the moment. The other weights on Sunday were all pretty poor with only the 2 anglers on the end of the Gate basin catching out of the 5 pegged on it (guess who was one of those blanks!!!)  In the Big Basin it was all looking like an ultra low weight section until John Burton turned it upside down with a 1lb 8oz+ skimmer on the waggler  give him a comfortable section win and keep up his run of recent form. So what does next week hold? I have no idea but surely there must be some improvement, I don’t think Mr Higginson or myself can “enjoy” another long 5 hours searching for a bite. still no doubt we will be back to try next week ……See you there………..

Section winners

Pegs 1 – 4        Dave Edgerton

Pegs  9 – 13     Mike Dossena

Pegs  17  -21    John Burton

Boat Yard 14 – Sunday 14 January 2018

Where have all the fishes gone?

Chris Tims this weeks winner with just 2lb 3oz

So, let me set the scene: the cold grey dawn slowly lightened over the boatyard, revealing –  a great big area of open water and pegs 1-15 all up the right side of the Gate Basin plus 16 and 17 on the end  and then 18, 19 and 20 all up in the “goose green” area.  Unfortunately the other 2 basins were being worked on and were also full of boats (strange for boatyard) which cut down the options on pegging this week. But, with otherwise pretty much ideal conditions, over cast, no frost and hardly any wind, everyone thought it should be ok for a few fish – just how few we had no idea! It soon became apparent that it was going to be a hard day! Very hard!! Chris Tims drew peg 17 on the left hand end of the Gate and caught tiny fish on and off most of the match to end up with 60 fish for 2lb 3oz and 1st place this week. He was followed by Trevor Dodson ( you just can’t stop him catching) on peg 9 in the middle of the open water who had 1lb 8oz 8drms for 2nd and then Mark Charlwood who was on 18 in the boats just before goose green who worked hard at 16m to catch 1lb 6oz for 3rd. There were several dry nets and only 4 out of 20 anglers broke the 1lb, but the real question is WHY? Where have the fish gone. John Hehir said he had fished on the Wednesday last week and most of the boats had gone then but he still caught 5lb + of small fish on the whip so what had changed by Sunday – who knows. We will just have to hope that next week we can fish the other basins again and everything improves.  Surely it can’t get much worse …….. see you there…

This weeks section winners

Pegs  1  – 5             Dave Agass

Pegs 6  – 10            Trevor Dodson

Pegs  11 – 14         Dennis Willis

Pegs  15 – 17         Chris Tims

Pegs 18 – 20          Mark Charlwood


Boatyard 13 Singles KO 3rd round – Sunday 7th January 2018

A very happy John Burton with his 1st win of the year

A bright cold day with a biting northeasterly wind was the weather which greeted the 14 anglers who arrived at the Yards this Sunday for the first match of 2018. With Colin Jonas laid low with the flu thanks must go to Dave Agass for running this Sunday’s Match. John Burton finally drew a flyer and made the most of it with 10lb 10oz from the first peg up the left side of the Gate Basin. This side was definitely the place to be as next peg up was Dennis Willis with 7lb 6oz for 2nd and then the on the next 2 pegs were John Higginson and Dave Dearman who both had 5lb 13oz for equal 3rd. The Christmas Wizard, aka Trevor Dodson, was on the big basin this week and had to make do with 6th place overall but he did win his 5 peg section! Still, there were no blanks this week so things must be getting better (maybe). For the Singles results click here.  Just would like to wish Colin a speedy recovery and hopefully he will be back to full strength next week, when we can all turn up and try again………….See you there..

Section winners

Pegs 6 – 9                    Dave Edgerton

Pegs 10 – 14               John Burton

Pegs  16 – 21              Trevor Dodson

Boatyard New Years Eve – Sunday 31st December 2017

It’s that man AGAIN! Trev Dodson makes it 3 wins out of 3 over Christmas


A distinctly damp start welcomed the 14 fisherman who came out for a the last match of 2017. The rain stopped just before the 10am start and although it was a “bit breezy” we had a relatively pleasant day.  Trevor Dodson stuck his hand in the draw bag and drew another “flyer” at the right hand end of the Gate Basin where he ended up with 8lb 15oz and 1st place (again!). This gives Trev 3 out of 3 over the festive period and there are rumours of him retiring on the proceeds!!! In second spot was Roger Farmer with 8lb 7oz from the 1st peg up the left side of the Gate and in equal 3rd place were Mark Charlwood and John Higginson with 7lb 12oz each. The four framing pegs were all next to each other  at the bottom of the gate but in general the fish were spread out with goose green giving 7lb 8oz and the Big Basin produce three 6lb plus weights off the 3 pegs that were in there. Mark Harmer lost a big skimmer/bream up on peg 1 at the top right of the Gate, which, if he had landed it, may have given him the match as he had several other smaller samples. Never mind Mark there is always next week, which is the 3rd round of the Singles KO (click to see details) …….See you there….

Section winners

Pegs 1 – 5              Mark Harmer            6lb 12oz

Pegs 6 – 10            Trevor Dodson          8lb 15oz

Pegs 11 – 15          Mike Dossena            7lb 9oz