Boatyard – Thursday 28th December 2017

Trev Dodson makes it 2 wins out of 2

So it was all change weather-wise at the yards today with a heavy frost and bright sunshine – all very seasonal – but how would it fish? The 11 entrants drew their pegs and at 10am the match got underway with some getting bites from the off and others not getting any for hours….. Christmas Eve winner, Trev Dodson swapped one end of the Basin for the other and proceeded to catch fish from the off, including a jack pike, (didn’t count) from his peg just up the right side of the Gate Basin. He put 7lb 1oz on the scales to make it 2 wins out of 2 in these festive period matches. Chris Tims was on the next peg up the right side of the Gate and caught on and off for most of the match but could only manage 6lb 12oz for 2nd place. There was another 6lb+ and several 5lb + weights so overall it didn’t fish as hard as we thought it might given the conditions but there is still very few quality fish showing in the match weights. We will just have to keep trying. Next match is Sunday 31st Jan 2017 – draw 9am fish 10am to 3pm.   See you there…….

Section Winners

Pegs   1 – 4                   Trevor Dodson

Pegs   2 – 8                   Matt Rowntree

Pegs  9 – 11                  Roger Farmer

Boatyard Christmas Eve – 24th December 2017

Trev Dodson runaway winner on Christmas Eve

Warmer but windy conditions welcomed the 12 members who ventured out this Christmas Eve for the match at the boatyard. It was decided to all fish on the Gate Basin and it was Trevor Dodson who ended up running away with the match from his peg on the grass above goose green. Trev had 12lb 6oz  of roach to be over 5lb clear of the field. In 2nd place was “Mr Consistent” Roger Farmer was down the left side of the Gate where he caught  7lb 1oz of mainly roach. The backing weights were mostly in the 5 to 6lb range so it fished reasonably well. Next match is on Thursday 28th December 2017 meet up at around 8.30  fish 10am – 3pm …. See you there……

Section Winners

Denny Hammond & John Burton (equal)

Mark Harmer

Trevor Dodson

Christmas Match – Boatyard 12 – Sunday 17th December 2017

blur pic
Dave Dearman was just a blur as he caught more than 240 fish for his win this week in the ice

A hard frost descended on the boatyards overnight on Saturday with both the Crane and Gate Basins frozen while the big Basin remained ice free!? With the Reepham contingent missing there were  15 idiots  members lining up for the draw. Dave Dearman drew peg 12 about halfway up the right side of the Gate Basin and caught form the off and right through, catching over 240 fish to put 10lb 13oz on the scales for a comfortable 1st place. Tony Wilkinson took things to the other extreme on his peg at the top end of the Big Basin opposite the wet shed where he had 7 bites and seven big skimmers (2 over 2lb) to weigh 9lb 3oz for 2nd. Chris Tims was just up the left side of the Gate Basin and broke ice to get some clear water but then waited until 11.45 to get a bite but once they arrived the fish fed very well and Chris had 7lb 1oz in the last 2  hours until an otter went through his peg about 10 mins from the end after which no bites! This gave him 3rd place and a tub of Quality Street  (one each for 1st 2nd and 3rd ) courtesy of Lenny Reeves. Dave Gipson had the most valuable fish this week as his 2oz roach was good enough top win his section on the Crane Basin as it was the only fish caught in that section! Thanks once again to Colin Jonas for organising the match plus the mince pies and cakes at the end of (or during) the match. Also thanks go  to Mrs John Burton for the excellent sausage rolls (and to John for bringing them). Hope you all have a great Christmas and a successful New Year.

Boatyard Matches over the Christmas Break:  (Stalham AC members only)          

Sunday 24th December 2017 (Christmas eve) Draw 9am fish 10am to 3pm

Thursday 28th December 2017  Draw 9am fish 10am to 3pm

Sunday 31st December 2017   Draw 9am fish 10am to 3pm

Just turn up before 9am  See you there……………


Pegs 1 – 4            Dave Gipson

Pegs 12 – 16       Dave Dearman

Pegs 20 – 23       Tony Wilkinson

Pegs 24 – 26       Dave Edgerton



Boatyard 11 The Pairs Trophy – Sunday 10th December 2017

One of the 1lb + perch that helped his weight
Mike Dossena with his winning catch this week

The weather forecast was a was not pleasant for this Sunday but it was just another wet and windy winters day in the end, not the sub- zero end of the world type weather that was being predicted. Still due to the forecast, a rather depleted field of 13 die hard head cases lined up for the draw. The surprising thing was that most people had quite a reasonable day considering the yards recent form and, out of the eleven who stayed to the bitter end, it was only Mark Harmer who failed to break the pound. I think he must be wearing his “Reepham Head”, keeps on trying for the carp but can’t find any in the Crane Basin!!!! Mike Dossena improved on last week’s 3rd place to get 1st spot this week thanks to a couple of lumpy perch to go with the roach etc, for 8lb 9oz from his peg just up the left side of the Gate Basin. Dave Agass was only 6oz behind from the left hand end of the Gate and put 8lb 3oz on the scales for 2nd place again this week. Tony Wilkinson had 7lb 4oz  for 3rd (only paid 2) from his peg at the top of the open stretch on the left side of the Crane Basin and included several large skimmers in his catch the best of which went 2lb.  Winners of the pairs trophy this year are Mike Dossena and Trevor Dodson with a combined weight of 14lb 5oz


This weeks section winners

Pegs   2 – 5         Chris Tims

Pegs   7 – 11       Dave Edgerton

Pegs 13 – 17       Tony Wilkinson

Pegs 20 – 24       Mike Dossena

Boatyard 10 Ida Livard Cup

this weeks winner
A return to form for John Higginson – 1st place this week – all his fish were this big!
The Ida Livard Cup that John won this week. Looks like it needs cleaning regularly!

Sunday dawned this week to a grey overcast with misty rain and very light winds – nearly ideal conditions for fishing in winter. So it was with a little more optimism that 17 regular (some say certifiable) members lined up this week for the all important draw. John Higginson was on the second jetty in the Big Basin and proceeded to find a selection of net fish in the first part of the match and then kept on catching to put 11lb 7oz on the scales for a convincing win this week; making up for his previous weeks blank. Dave Agass drew last weeks winning peg at the bottom right side of the Crane Basin and, after a slightly slow start, caught regularly to weigh 8lb 15oz for second place (relieving me of yet another £1 coin). Mike Dossena had a busy day up the top right side of the Gate Basin with around 240 fish for his 8lb 13oz   which gave him 3rd place. Overall the yards fished much better this week with the fish much more spread out but still lack of the quality fish we normally see. It’s the Pairs Trophy next week let’s hope things continue to improve……. See you there

This weeks section winners

Pegs 1 – 5        Dave Agass

Pegs 6 -10       Mike Dossena

Pegs 11 – 15    Dave Gipson

Pegs 19 – 21     John Higginson

Pegs 22 – 24     Dave Dearman