Boatyard 5 Sunday 29th October 2017

this weeks match winner
Steve Jackman wins this week from the Big Basin

So I am guessing that the weather at the boatyard this week was very similar to the weather where I was fishing which was blustery showers with a chilly northwest wind. These conditions have subdued the weights this week but didn’t put off the competitors, with a turnout of 22. This week it was a a very close match, with the frame all coming from different areas. The in-form  Steve Jackman followed up his section wins of the last 2 weeks with first place this week weighing in 9lb 13oz from the 2nd Jetty in the Big Basin. Tony Wilkinson fills the 2nd spot with 9lb 8oz from the top of the Big Basin. Then up on peg 1 at the top of the Crane basin, last weeks winner, Dave Edgerton had 9lb 2oz for third. So it appears that hard but fair might be the best way to describe the way it fished  and with colder weather being forecast who knows how it will be next week? I personally would like to book my place on the 2nd jetty please, but the chances of that happening are slim to non existent! 1st round of the singles KO next Sunday…….. see you there……..

Section Winners

1 –  7    Dave Edgerton

8 –  12  Mark Harmer

13 – 16  Dave Easter

17 – 20  Trev Dodson

21 – 23  Tony Wilkinson

24 – 27  Steve Jackman

Boatyard 4 The Hickling Shield Sunday 22nd October

this weeks winner
Dave Edgerton – happy despite the weather

The weather took a more wintery turn for this weeks match with 20mph winds and some delightful rain thrown in for good measure, (such an enjoyable sport we participate in! especially when you draw facing the wind!! 5 hours of bliss – I think NOT). Anyway, I digress, 17 hardy types lined up this for the draw week, (one was even wearing shorts!), and it was Dave Edgerton who came out on top with 16lb 5oz from the first jetty in the big basin which put him 5lb clear of Mr Shorts himself, Dave Easter, who had a well earned 11lb 4oz from his peg halfway up the right side of the Crane Basin. Mark Charlwood on the next peg had 10lb 12oz for 3rd and I think may be going to invest in some shorts to see if that could make the difference next week! So Mr Edgerton can clear a space on his sideboard for his trophy and I know he will look forward to cleaning it for the year he has it. I won’t be there next week, when all the half term boaters will be coming back, as I am off to Kirton lake, Ipswich to fish for Norwich Royal Mail Team. Hope you all have a great match, Colin promises to send me all the info. I will be back for the 1st round of the Singles KO on the Nov 5th – see you there……

This weeks Section winners

1 – 7      Dave Easter

8 -15     Steve Jackman

16 – 22  Chris Tims

23 – 26  Dave Edgerton

Boat Yard 3 Sunday 15th October 2017

Mark Harmer winner this week
Mark Harmer this weeks winner – his 1st win at the boat yard !!

This week with very warm and sunny conditions the yards came alive! 22 members turned out for this weeks contest and they were not disappointed with 8 double figure weights and only three weights below 6lb this was consistent natural fishing. Mark Harmer was very happy with his draw on the 2nd jetty on the big basin this week and ran out a clear winner with 13lb 8oz. Mark Seaman  drew the flyer on the river end of the Gate Basin and came  2nd with 12lb 5oz, he was closely  followed by Dave Agass on the Crane basin with 11lb 15oz for 3rd place. Over all this week would seem to herald a return to the form of 2 years ago with fish in all basins and good sport all round – long may it continue. Of course the weather may have something to say about that we ahall just have to wait and see. It is another trophy match next week – “The Hickling Shield”-  Let’s hope the weather gods are kind …… see you there

This weeks section winners

1 – 4         D. Edgerton

5 – 8         D. Agass

9 – 11       M. Dossena

12 – 14     M. Seaman

15 – 18     S. Jackman

19 – 22     M. Harmer

Boat Yard 2 – David King Bowl – 8th October 2017

match winner this week
Mark Charlwood, this weeks winner, happy with his victory

Calm overcast conditions greeted the 20 strong field this Sunday and there was an optimistic mood about the way it would fish. The pre-match talk was all of Eels (can be weighed in) and the salt tides which had badly affected the results at Martham on The Broads Open the day before! Peg 1 produced the goods again this week with Mark Charlwood catching a mixed bag of  roach skimmers and perch to put 10lb 6oz together for 1st place. Chris Tims was on peg 2 and caught skimmers and roach for 9lb 3oz and 2nd place  and, to round things off, Denny Hammond on peg 3 had a catch of skimmers and perch for 8lb 1oz for 3rd. So the top of the Crane had a clean sweep, the rest of the Crane and the Gate basin fished quite hard especially if you had boat disturbance but everyone caught and let us hope that the fish may just have been a bit off the feed due to that big salt surge affecting them. (we will see). No doubt we will be back next week to try again…….See you there….

Section winners this week

1 – 5      M. Charlwood           10lb  6oz     CRANE

6 – 10    D. Agass                       3lb 14oz     CRANE

11 – 14 M. Harmer                   7lb 3oz       CRANE

16 – 21  M Dossena                   5lb 6oz       GATE

Boat Yard 1 – Sunday 1st October 2017

this weeks winner
Dennis Willis looking pleased with his 1st place this week

So the winter boatyard series of matches kicked off this Sunday with 21 members turning out for the contest in somewhat wet and windy conditions  although I am sure we will see much worse over the next few month. (Such a cheerful thought!) Unfortunately at this time of year there is still quite a lot of boat traffic and this hampered the weights in many cases with swims being wiped out due to boat movement, but it was the same for all  and it is just a matter of smiling sweetly through gritted teeth! Dennis Willis drew peg 1 at the top of the crane basin and continued his winning form from last winter putting 10lb 8oz on the scales for 1st place. Dave Dearman had 60 skimmers from his peg at the bottom end of the crane to wrap up 2nd with 9lb 8oz and then switch basins to the left side of the Gate Basin to find Matt Rowntree weighing a level 9lb for third.

Section winners this week:

Crane Basin Stalham
The Crane Basin, plenty of space but later plenty of boats!

1-5     D. Willis                   10-8

6-10   D.Dearman              9-8

11-15 J. Hehir                     6-4

16-19 M.Rowntree             9-0

21-25 M. Charlwood        6-12

Next week it’s the David King Bowl, let us hope the weather is a bit better and there are a few less boats – we shall see……See you there