Sunday 19th September Reepham Fishery

Dave Agass Memorial Pairs – Match 2

Once again it was Reepham fishery for the second round of the Dave Agass pairs memorial match.

The winning pair of Dennis Goodwin & Mike Dossena receive their trophies

With only 35lb separating the top 2 it was still all to fish for.

Overcast conditions greeted us this week with the threat of rain later( and it did).

Dennis Goodwin 152lb 14oz Guest

1st Mark Harmer 147lb 2oz

2nd Mike Dossena 138lb

3rd Jon Burton 120lb 13oz

4th Mark Charlwood 108lb 11oz

5th Mark Seaman 95lb 12oz

6th Tony Wilkinson 74lb 7oz

7th Dave Gipson 62lb 15oz

8th Dave Easter 62lb 13oz

9th Dave Dearman 60lb 3oz

10th Trevor Dodson 52lb 2oz

11th Dave Edgerton 40lb 6oz

12th Adie Hall 37lb 13oz

13th Martin Harding 37lb 1oz

14th John Higgingson 36lb 11oz

15th Martin Littlefield 18lb 7oz

The final standing in the pairs was

1st Mike D + Dennis G 496lb 8oz

2nd Tony W + Mark C 423lb 15oz

3rd Martin H + Mark H 349lb 10oz

Well done everyone who fished.

Would also like to thank Dave’s brother Rob & Leo for presenting the trophy’s to the winners.

Can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Next week it’s the last summer match of 2021 at Meadow Farm Fishery.

See you all there.

Sunday 12th September – Reepham Fishery

Dave Agass Memorial Pairs – Match 1

Reepham fishery was the venue this week for the first round of the Dave Agass memorial pairs match.

15 members and our guest Dennis Goodwin turn out this week.

With the teams drawn and and the pegs drawn it was time to see who would be in pole position for next week.

1st Mark Charlwood 191lb 15oz

2nd Mark Seaman 156lb 9oz

3rd Dennis Goodwin 142lb 13oz

4th Mark Harmer 128lb 2oz

5th Trevor Dodson 96lb 2oz

6th Alex Watson 93lb

7th Mike Dossena 62lb 13oz

8th Tony Wilkinson 48lb 14oz

9th Martin Harding 42lb 5oz

10th Adie Hall 41lb 6oz

11th Jon Burton 38lb 9oz

12th Dave Gipson 37lb 9oz

13th Dave Edgerton 33lb 7oz

14th John Higgingson 20lb

15th Dave Dearman 18lb 14oz

16th Martin Littlefield 18lb 14oz

The top 3 after round 1

M. Charlwood & T. Wilkinson 240lb 13oz

M. Dossena & D. Goodwin 205lb 10oz

M. Seaman & D. Dearman 174lb 13oz

So it’s all still quite open for round 2 next week.

See you all there.

Sunday 5th September 2021 -Barford Railway

Jon Burton wins at Railway Lake this week with 54lb 13oz

Railway lake was once again the venue.

14 members again made the long trip hoping for better luck than last weeks low numbers as we were in the high numbers this week.

Warm weather greeted us all.

1st Jon Burton 54lb 13oz

2nd Mark Seaman 34lb 11oz

3rd Trevor Dodson 28lb 8oz

4th Mark Harmer 24lb 15oz

5th Alex Watson 19lb

6th Mark Charlwood 16lb 10oz

7th Mike Dossena 14lb 1oz

8= John Higgingson 6lb 11oz

8=Tony Wilkinson 6lb 11oz

10th Adie Hall 6lb 1oz

11th Dave Dearman 5lb 6oz

12th Martin Harding 4lb 11oz

13th Dave Edgerton 3lb 10oz

And 1 D’N’W this week.

Next week it’s the first round of the pairs match at Reepham.

See you all there.

Sunday 29th August – Barford Railway

Mark Harmer wins at Railway with 31lb 10oz

This was the first part of our 2 trips to Railway lake.

First up was the low numbers.

14 turn up at the draw bag all hoping for a good days fishing.

But that’s not quite how it went!

1st Mark Harmer 31lb 10oz

2nd John Higgingson 23lb 10oz

3rd Dave Gipson 16lb 15oz

4th Alex Watson 14lb 11oz

5th Jon Burton 13lb 6oz

6th Trevor Dodson 12lb 10oz

7th Adie Hall 10lb 6oz

8th Dave Edgerton 6lb 2oz

9th Dave Dearman 4lb 1oz

10th Martin Harding 2lb 9oz

And 4 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s the turn of the high numbers and let’s hope the fish are much more hungry.

See you all there.

Sunday 22nd August 2021 – Melton Pond 4

Melton pond 4 was the venue

Mark Seaman wins at Melton this week

Only 10 members made the trip today which was well down from previous trips.

With the pond being rock hard and clear only the hardy souls turned out.

To everybody’s surprise on arrival the water color had returned.

With the draw done the forecasted rain arrived but by the end the sun was shining.

1st Mark Seaman 37lb 9oz

2nd Mark Harmer 25lb 10oz

3rd Trevor Dodson 13lb 7oz

4th Adie Hall 10lb 1oz

5th Dave Dearman 7lb 2oz

6th Mark Charlwood 5lb 1oz

7th Alex Watson 3lb 9oz

8th Martin Littlefield 1lb 6oz

9th Dave Edgerton 0lb 9oz

And 1 D’N’W this week.

Next week it’s off to Railway

See you all there.

See below details of Dave Agass Memorial matches at Reepham

Sunday 15th August 2021 – Old Stables

Alex Watson wins at Old Stables with 65lb 8oz

The Old Stables at North Walsham was the venue this week.

14 members turned out this week which meant all the pegs would be in.

Warm conditions greeted us and very little wind.

With the recent lake records being broken everyone was hoping for a good days fishing. None of us got close to breaking any records but a good day was had by most.

1st Alex Watson 65lb 8oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 52lb 2oz

3rd Tony Wilkinson 47lb 15oz

4th Mark Harmer 47lb 13oz

5th Jon Burton 46lb 9oz

6th Dave Dearman 46lb 7oz

7th Trevor Dodson 34lb 10oz

8th Adie Hall 33lb 6oz

9th Mike Dossena 32lb 4oz

10th Dave Gipson 31lb 4oz

11th Dave Edgerton 16lb 9oz

12th Martin Harding 14lb 11oz

13th John Higgingson 10lb 15oz

14th Martin Littlefield 4lb 7oz

Sunday 8th August 2021

Meadow Farm Fishery

Mark Charlwood wins this week at Meadow Farm

Meadow Farm Fishery was this weeks venue.

Poor attendance this week with only 12 members turning out.

The forecast was not great – heavy showers and gusty winds.

It’s was hard work at 16 meters. With the draw done it was time.

1st Mark Charlwood 39lb 9oz

2nd Mike Dossena 34lb 3oz

3rd Mark Seaman 31lb 12oz

4th Jon Burton 28lb 2oz

5th Mark Harmer 27lb

6= Alex Watson 26lb 11oz & Trevor Dodson 26lb 11oz

8th Tony Wilkinson 15lb 11oz

9th Dave Dearman 13lb 14oz

10th Dave Edgerton 13lb 4oz

11th Martin Littlefield 5lb 4oz

And one D’N’W this week.

Next week it’s back to the Old Stables

See you there

Sunday 1st August 2021 – Reepham

Alex Watson wins with a massive 288lb 1oz

Reepham fishery was this weeks venue

15 members turn out this week all hoping they would come out on top.

The weather had changed this week from summer to autumn but it didn’t change the fishing. As it’s fished it’s nuts off.

1st Alex Watson 288lb 1oz

2nd Jon Burton 239lb 14oz

3rd Mark Harmer 155lb 2oz

4th Mike Dossena 129lb

5th Mark Seaman 118lb 5oz

6th Dave Edgerton 107lb 5oz

7th Tony Wilkinson 100lb 15oz

8th Trevor Dodson 96lb 9oz

9th Mark Charlwood 87lb 1oz

10th Dave Easter 71lb 10oz

11th Martin Harding 47lb 9oz

12th Adie Hall 43lb 14oz

13th Dave Dearman 33lb 14oz

14th Martin Littlefield 32lb 10oz

And 1 D’N’W this week.

Next week it’s back to Meadow Farm

See you all there.

Sunday 25th July 2021 – Colton

The unstoppable Mark Harmer wins again this week at Colton

Colton was the venue this week.

Only 9 members turn out this week which is the worst turn out for a while.

The forcast this week was for heavy thundery showers but thankfully we all stayed dry.

1st Mark Harmer 54lb 4oz

2nd Mark Seaman 52lb 14oz

3rd Alex Watson 51lb 12oz

4th Dave Easter 20lb 10oz

5th Jon Burton 14lb 5oz

6th Dave Gipson 7lb 15oz

And 3 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s back to the very prolific Reepham Fishery.

See you all there.

Sunday 18th July 2021 Melton Pond 4

Mr Harmer makes it 2 wins on the spin at melton Pond 4 this week

Melton pond 4 was the venue this week. 12 members turn out this week.

The pond is normally quite hard but for some reason this year it’s been extra tough.

With a roasting hot in store nobody was expecting it to be that great.

1st Mark Harmer 44lb 9oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 17lb 15oz

3rd John Higgingson 15lb 5oz

4th Trevor Dodson 13lb 8oz

5th Alex Watson 11lb 2oz

6th Martin Littlefield 3lb 10oz

7th Jon Burton 0lb 12oz

And 5 D’N’W’s This week.

Next week it’s of to Colton

There is plenty of spaces if anyone fancy it.