Sunday 9th May 2021 – Melton

Melton pond 4 was this weeks venue.

Mark Charlwood wins at Melton with 69lb 3oz

Only 13 members made the trip this week. With a change in the weather and feeling more like summer everyone was hoping for a few more bites than of late.

Mark Charlwood was drawn peg 3 and ran out the winner this week. Mark caught through out the day for a total weight of 69lb 3oz well done.

2nd place goes to Mark Harmer. Mark was fishing peg 16 and caught well through the day and weighed 57lb 1oz well done.

3rd place was Adie Hall. Adie was fishing peg 12(the flyer)and weighed 41lb 1oz well done.

Most others found it hard going with a few dry nets this week. Let’s hope the warmer weather continues and we can all start catches more.

Next week it’s the long drive to railway lake.

There is 5 spaces available next week if anyone fancy it.

Book in the usual way.

See you all there.

1st Mark Charlwood 69lb 3oz

2nd Mark Harmer 57lb 1oz

3rd Adie Hall 41lb 1oz

4th Dave Dearman 19lb 4oz

5th Ian Jones 18lb 15oz

6th Alex Watson 18lb 14oz

7th Mike Dossena 16lb 10oz

8th Trevor Dodson 11lb 14oz

9th Jon Burton 6lb 11oz

And 4 D’N’W’s this week

Sunday 2nd May 2021 – Reepham

Dave Gipson Wins at Reepham this week with 128lb 15oz

Reepham fishery was this weeks venue.

15 members lined up at the draw and with a overnight light frost thoughts were not for a good day.

Dave Gipson was fishing peg 36 and caught steadily all day and weighed a very good 128lb 15oz for first place well done Dave.

2nd place was Mark Seaman. Mark was on peg 32 and also caught steadily all day for another good weight of 117lb 12oz. Well done.

3rd place goes to Alex Watson. Alex was fishing peg 13 and also hit the magical ton with 105lb 3oz well done.

There was some good back up weights but overall it’s been quite hard. Roll on the summer ?.

1st Dave Gipson 128lb 15oz

2nd Mark Seaman 117lb 12oz

3rd Alex Watson 105lb 3oz

4th Mark Harmer 67lb 7oz

5th Dave Edgerton 60lb

6th Trevor Dodson 55lb 7oz

7th Mike Dossena 53lb 7oz

8th Adie Hall 51lb 10oz

9th Mark Charlwood 31lb 1oz

10th Jon Burton 26lb 11oz

11th Dave Dearman 20lb 3oz

12th John Higginson 12lb 11oz

13th Dave Easter 11lb

And 2 D’N’Ws this week.

Next week it’s if the Melton pond 4.

See you all there.

Sunday 25th April – Meadow Farm

Jon Burton Wins at Meadow Farm with 45lb

Meadow Farm Fishery Canal Lake was the venue this week.

13 members made the trip this week.

With warmer weather and less wind than the last match here everyone was expected a better days fishing.

Jon Burton was drawn peg 17 and made the end peg pay with a good weight of 45lb for first place this week.

Mark Harmer was fishing peg 2 and finally got to grips with this lake after 2 disappointments there. Mark weighed 42lb 10oz for second.

Third place goes to Mark Charlwood. Mark was fishing peg 11 and caught steadily for a weight of 41lb 5oz.

Well done.

Most others have had a good days fishing.

1st Jon Burton 45lb

2nd Mark Harmer 42lb 10oz

3rd Mark Charlwood 41lb 5oz

4th Alex Watson 32lb 14oz

5th Mike Dossena 31lb 7lb

6th Trevor Dodson 29lb 15oz

7th John Higgingson 27lb 8oz

8th Adie Hall 26lb 14oz

9th Martin Littlefield 17lb 12oz

10th Kevin Lawson 15lb 10oz

11th Dave Edgerton 13lb 15oz

12th Dave Easter 12lb 5oz

13th Dave Dearman 6lb 12oz

Next week it’s of to The very prolific Reepham Fishery.

Let’s hope for some more sunny days and warmer nights.

See you all there

Book in the usual way.

Sunday 18th April 2021 – Colton

Sunday 18th April, today we fished Colton

Once again this week there was 14 members raring to get fishing. The weather was much better this week with no wind and not a snow flake in sight.

Mark Seaman wins at Colton with 74lb 3oz

This weeks winner was Mark Seaman , Mark was drawn peg 4 and made it look easy as normal. Catching eight carp for a total weight of 74lb 3oz. Well done Mark.

Mark Harmer was this weeks runner up, Mark was fishing peg 7 and caught 5 carp for 44lb 6oz. We had joint 3rd place this week which was Dave Easter and Jon Burton both weighing 42lb 11oz. Well done to all them.

It’s fished quite hard for everybody else with the odd fish being caught.

1st Mark Seaman 74lb 3oz

2nd Mark Harmer 44lb 6oz

3rd= Dave Easter 42lb 11oz

Jon Burton 42lb 11oz

5th Dave Edgerton 32lb 11oz

6th Mike Dossena 23lb 1iz

7th Chris Tims 16lb 1oz

8th Alex Watson 8lb 14oz

9th Kevin Lawson 8lb 3oz

10th Mark Charlwood 3lb 10oz

11th Dave Dearman 0lb 12oz

And there were 2 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s back to meadow farm fishery. As of writing this there is 2 spaces for this one. Book in if you fancy it.

See you all there.

Sunday 11th April 2021

Meadow Farm Fishery

Canal Lake
Mark Charlwood making winning look easy this week with 58lb

Meadow Farm fishery was the venue again this week with the canal being the lake this time. Once again there were 14 members all raring to go.

Mark Charlwood ran out a comfortable winner this week. Mark was drawn peg 1 (the flyer) and made it look easy catching carp and silvers for a total weight of 58lb. Well done Mark. Second place goes to Trevor Dodson. Trevor was on peg 13 which wasn’t unlucky for him. He weighed 49lb 13oz all caught long which was well done as the wind was horrendous at times. Well done. 3rd goes to Mark Seaman. Mark was fishing peg 3 and weighed 28lb 9oz. Well done to them.

1st Mark Charlwood 58lb

2nd Trevor Dodson 49lb 13oz

3rd Mark Seaman 28lb 9oz

4th Mike Dossena 25lb 9oz

5th Alex Watson 20lb 3oz

6th Adie Hall 17lb 4oz

7th Jon Burton 13lb 7oz

8th Kevin Lawson 13lb

9th John Higgingson 10lb 3oz

10th Mark Harmer 8lb 13oz

11th Dave Easter 8lb 10oz

12th Dave Edgerton 6lb 2oz

13th Dave Dearman 4lb 12oz

And one D’N’W.

Next week it’s Colton.

See you all there. Text to see if there’s any spaces.

Sunday 4th April 2021 – Meadow Farm Fishery

Jon Burton wins with 41lb 11oz
Willow Lake
Meadow Farm Fishery

So finally we got to start our summer matches for 2021.

First up this year was Meadow Farm Fishery Willow lake.

14 members made the trip which is a good turn out. With the weather gods being kind to us it was a lovely warm day.

Jon Burton is this years first winner catching lots of small f1s and silvers for a good weight of 41lb 11oz well done Jon. Jon fished peg 9. Dave Gipson was fishing peg 14 and weighed 24lb 5oz of f1s and silvers and a bonus carp. Well done Dave.

3rd place fishing peg 13 was Dave Edgerton. Dave had a mixed bag of f1s silvers and chub for a total of 24lb. Most others caught fish but it was quite hard going.

1st Jon Burton 41lb 11oz

2nd Dave Gipson 24lb 5oz

3rd Dave Edgerton 24lb

4th Alex Watson 23lb 6oz

5th Adie Hall 22lb 9oz

6th Dave Easter 19lb 8oz

7th Mike Dossena 15lb 10oz

8th Mark Charlwood 15lb 7oz

9th Trevor Dodson 12lb 11oz

10th Kevin Lawson 11lb 7oz

11th Martin Littlefield 5lb 6oz

12th Dave Dearman 3lb 10oz

13th John Higgingson 3lb 8oz

14th Mark Harmer 0lb 13oz

And that’s not a misprint ?

Next week it’s back to meadow farm but this time it’s the canal lake let’s hope for same weather and plenty of fish.

See you all there.

There is one space left if any member is wanting to fish. Contact details on your card.

Boatyard 12 – Christmas / Charity Match – Sunday 20th December 2020

Mike Dossena with his winning 13lb net from Kiddies Corner this week

The weather was set fair this week with sunshine and light SW winds and all the basins LOOKED like they would all fish well – but looks can be deceiving!!! Once again the big basin was the place to draw and after complaining much about his draw in Kiddies Corner, Mike Dossena then proceeded to destroy the field with over 300 small roach for 13lb and 1st place.

Mark Charlwood drew where last weeks winner came from (but with less boats) and took a comfortable 2nd place with 10lb 5oz followed by Dave Dearman who took 3rd place from in front of the offices on the big basin with 7lb 2oz

So what of the other basins…….. they could be described as a little harder. The Gate basin everyone who fished the Gate basin caught fish – not many – but they did catch with 1lb being top weight. The people who drew the watery desert that was the Crane basin were les fortunate with only Terry Smith catching 2 small perch for 1oz!!!

On a brighter note the Charity we supported in memory of Dave Agass was The British Disabled Angling Association which, with the combined totals of the Summer Match and this winter one, was given a total donation of £285.

Also thanks to Lenny Reeves , club president, for his donation of bottles of wine for the section winners in the Christmas match. see photo of letter below.

Thanks must also go to Colin Jonas for his continued hard work running the boatyard matches through this winter and also organising the mince pies / cake / chocolates etc after this match.

Christmas Sweeps will be run over the Xmas break on:

Sunday 27th December 2020 – 7.45am book in 8am draw Fish 9am to 2pm

Tuesday 29th December 2020 – 7.45am book in 8am draw Fish 9am to 2pm

Thursday 31st December 2020 – 7.45am book in 8am draw Fish 9am to 2pm

Happy Christmas to all our readers…… See you all on the 27th…………

Results sheet 20-12-20
Pegging 20-12-20

Boatyard 11 – Pairs Trophy – Sunday 13th December 2020

Chris Tims wins this week with 10lb 9oz from the big Basin

Sunday dawns this week with no frost and barely any wind (although this changed later) and the 19 competitors lined up for the covid secure draw in a slightly more optimistic mood than last week!

Chris Tims drew peg 16 which was between the boats at the end of the road in the big basin and proceeded to catch roach, rudd and perch from start to finish of the match to put a winning weight 10lb 9oz on the scales. Further round on the 4th Jetty Pete Sutton had 4 skimmers and small fish for 7lb 1oz and 2nd place followed by Trev “the jetty” Dodson on the 3rd jetty (again) with 6lb 3oz for 3rd.

In the pairs Chris Tims and Steve Docwra came out on top with a combined weight of 11lb 14oz

Overall the yards fished better this week with only 5 blanks out of 19, 4 of which were in the Crane Basin with only Dave Edgerton bucking the trend and catching 1lb in the last hour to win his section.

The fishing is a long way from good but at least there were bites to be had in most areas. Next week it is the Christmas Match combined with the charity match in memory of Dave Agass – so bring a prize/bottle/ chocs plus it will cost you an extra £5 to fish this week……………See you there

Pegging 13-12-20
Results 13-12-20
Pairs Results