Sunday 3rd July 2022

The Old Stables North Walsham was the venue this week.

Mark H wins at the Old Stables this week

13 members turn out this week.

1st Mark Harmer 76lb 5oz

2nd Dave Gipson 73lb

3rd Jon Burton 64lb 12oz

4th Mark Charlwood 64lb 2oz

5th Alex Watson 60lb 6oz

6th Mike Dossena 55lb 9oz

7th Trevor Dodson 55lb

8th Mark Seaman 54lb

9th Dave Dearman 41lb 10oz

10th Dave Edgerton 35lb 2oz

11th John Higgingson 30lb 1oz

12th Ian Turner 28lb 11oz

And one D’N’W this week.

Barford top lake is up next.

See you there

Sunday 12th June 2022 – Barford Pleasure lake

Sunday 12th June

Barford pleasure lake was the place this week.

Only 11 members turn out this week.

1st Trevor Dodson 167lb 4oz

2nd Jon Burton 98lb 15oz

3rd Mark Seaman 96lb 3oz

4th Dave Dearman 51lb 6oz

5th Mark Charnwood 37lb 4oz

6th Dave Edgerton 34lb

7th Mike Dossena 31lb 1oz

8th Mark Harmer 28lb 9oz

9th Martin Littlefield 12lb 11oz

And 2 D’N’W’s this week.

Next up is barford Match Lake.

Sunday 5th June 2022 – Old Stables

Mark Harmer wins this week at The Old Stables

The Old Stables was the venue this week.

12 members turn out on a very wet morning.

1st Mark Harmer 80lb 10 oz

2nd Dave Edgerton 66lb 4oz

3rd Trevor Dodson 56lb

4th Mike Dossena 48lb 5oz

5th Mark Seaman 45lb

6th Mark Charlwood 44lb 11oz

7th Jon Burton 42lb 1oz

8th Dave Gipson 36lb 10oz

9th Dave Dearman 19lb 5oz

10th Willie Becket 13lb 4oz

And 2 D’N’W’s this week

Next week it’s Barford Pleasure lake.

See you there

Sunday 29th May 2022 – Reepham

Reepham Main Lake

Alex Watson wins at Reepham

Reepham Fishery was the venue.

Only 13 members made it this week which was very poor.

1st Alex Watson 157lb 10 oz

2nd Mark Harmer 143lb 15oz

3rd Mike Dossena 100lb 5oz

4th Dave Gipson 87lb 11oz

5th Jon Burton 81lb 5oz

6th Mark Charlwood 73lb 5oz

7th Dave Edgerton 59lb 8oz

8th Steve Wilkinson 48lb 8oz

9th Tony Wilkinson 45lb 14oz

10th Dave Dearman 43lb 4oz

And 3 D’N’W’s this week.

The Old Stables is up next

See you all there

Sunday 15th May 2022 – Railway Lake

Wayne Anderson picks up 1st place this week at Railway

Railway lake was the place this week.

11 members and 1 guest turned out this week.

Guest Wayne Anderson 34lb 11oz

1st Mark Harmer 20lb 1oz

2nd Dave Gipson 17lb 7oz

3rd Jon Burton 15lb 10oz

4th Mike Dossena 14lb 4oz

5th Trevor Dodson 13lb 5oz

6th Mark Charlwood 10lb 11oz

7th Martin Littlefield 3lb 4oz

8th Dave Dearman 2lb 2oz

And 3 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s Barford pleasure lake.

See you all there.

Sunday 8th May 2022 – Melton Pond 4

Trevor Dodson wins this week at Melton Pond 4

Melton pond 4 was the venue this week.

Only 8 members turned out this week.

1st Trevor Dodson 98lb 11oz

2nd Mark Harmer 45lb 14oz

3rd Ian Turner 35lb 10oz

4th Mark Charlwood 26lb 8oz

5th Mike Dossena 25lb 5oz

6th Dave Edgerton 23lb 4oz

7th Dave Dearman 17lb 13oz

8th John Higgingson 11lb 9oz

Next week it’s of to Railway

See you all there

Sunday 1st May 2022 – Reepham Main

Reepham fishery was this weeks venue.

Alex Watson wins with 143lb 6oz

Good turn out this week with 15 members and 1 guest.

1st Alex Watson 143lb 6oz

2nd Trevor Dodson 114lb 7oz

3rd Mark Harmer 109lb 7oz

4th Mark Charlwood 104lb 11oz

5th Mike Dossena 96lb 8oz

6th Jon Burton 93lb 14oz

7th Mark Seaman 89lb 13oz

8th Dave Gipson 78lb 11oz

9th Dave Dearman 71lb 9oz

10th Tony Wilkinson 68lb 2oz

Guest Wayne Anderson 60lb 7oz

11th Steve Wilkinson 50lb 13oz

12th John Higgingson 45lb 12oz

13th Dave Easter 41lb 12oz

14th Ian Turner 38lb 9oz

And 1 D’N’W this week.

Next week it’s Melton pond 4

See you all there.

Sunday 24th April – Meadow Farm

Meadow farm fishery canal was the venue this week. 12 members made the trip and also 1 guest. Warm and still welcome us.

Mark Harmer loses match by 2oz but takes 1st place in club competition

Guest Wayne Anderson 115lb 2oz

1st Mark Harmer 115lb

2nd Dave Gipson 95lb 9oz

3rd Mark Charlwood 86lb 2oz

4th Jon Burton 74lb 4oz

5th Trevor Dodson 67lb 9oz

6th Mike Dossena 65lb 8oz

7th Alex Watson 60lb 5oz

8th Tony Wilkinson 43lb 4oz

9th Dave Dearman 31lb 13oz

10th John Higgingson 31lb 8oz

11th Martin Littlefield 22lb 6oz

And one D’N’W this week.

Next week it’s back to Reepham fishery

See you all there.

Sunday 17th April 2022 – Wicklewood

Jon Burton wins at Wicklewood 33lb 8oz

Wicklewood lake was the venue this week.

12 hopefuls made the long drive this week.

1st Jon Burton 33lb 8oz

2nd John Higgingson 29lb 14oz

3rd Trevor Dodson 26lb 12oz

4th Mike Dossena 24lb 8oz

5th Alex Watson 15lb

6th Mark Harmer 14lb 14oz

7th Dave Edgerton 11lb 14oz

8th Mark Charlwood 10lb

9th Tony Wilkinson 5lb 8oz

10th Dave Dearman 5lb

And 2 D’N’W’s this week.

Next week it’s back to meadow farm

See you all there.

Sunday 10th April – Meadow farm canal

Mark Seaman records his first win of the summer

Meadow Farm Cottages was again the venue this week but this time we were on canal

14 made the trip this week.

1st Mark Seaman 80lb 10oz

2nd Mark Charlwood 71lb 8oz

3rd Trevor Dodson 61lb 8oz

4th Jon Burton 56lb 9oz

5th Alex Watson 55lb 14oz

6th Mark Harmer 46lb 4oz

7th Tony Wilkinson 45lb 5oz

8th Martin Meek (guest ) 43lb 10oz

9th Dave Edgerton 43lb 4oz

10th John Higgingson 38lb 14oz

11th Ian Turner 28lb 14oz

12th Dave Easter 20lb 15oz

13th Dave Dearman 16lb 7oz

14th Martin Littlefield 5lb 9oz

Up next is Wicklewood lake see you there