Boatyard 14

Sunday 16th January 2022

Barry Hawkes wins with half an ounce!!!!

10 hardy (daft?) souls turned out for the latest boatyard match, a relatively mild morning with no frost gave high hopes again, but rock bottom expectations. The match was split into 3 smaller sections, a section of 4 in the big basin and two sections of 3 in the gate basin.

I fancied the big basin as it’s carrying a bit of colour, though there’s no form to go on across the yards.Similar to last weeks result, the gate produced the only fish caught,

Barry Hawkes winning from Pete Sutton, both managing solitary small perch. The big basin returned four blanks.It’s fair to say it can’t get much worse than it is, hopefully next week will be different!

Pegging 14-1-22
Results sheet 14-1-22

Boat yard 13 – Single KO 3rd rnd

Sunday 19th January 2022

Happy New Year…………….Hmmmm maybe!

Winner Tony Wilkinson with 1 oz

High hopes and low expectations pretty much summed up the thoughts of the 11 hardy souls that braved the cold but dry forecast in the yards this week. With little or no recent form to go on it was going to be a bit of a lottery, with a section in the gate basin and another in the big basin.

The last match before Christmas saw the top weights come from the big basin stagings and this basin probably had the most colour in the water, though both basins were on the clear side.Tony Wilkinson drew peg 8 the left hand end of gate, a peg which has been pretty consistent over the years, Ian Holmes for company on peg 7.

Early talk (and walks) confirmed it was tough with nobody registering a bite in the first hour. Tony then snared an ounce roach, followed by Ian with a 1/2oz perch an hour later.

At the whistle, they were the only fish caught with the rest of the field remaining bite-less, such a shame the form of the yards since Christmas, whether it’s predation, disturbance or what, nobody really knows.Still could all be different next week, that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching! Happy New Year!!

Results sheet note Ian Holmes (Peg 7) 2nd place not Trev

Boatyard 11

Sunday 12th December 2021

Mark Charlwood wins with just 1lb 5oz on a dire day in December

17 made up the field for this weeks match and with all basins in everyone was hoping for a draw on the gate basin but actually the fishing was equally dire all round!!

Mark Charlwood drew the left hand end of the Gate Basin and was always going to be a strong contender from that flyer. Mark caught from the off and although the bites petered out after about 3 hours the damage had been done and he ran out winner with a huge 1lb 5oz.

Martin Littlefield had a big perch and 2 tiny roach for 1lb and second place from his peg up the left side of the gate but unfortunately as he only enters the section pool he ended up with no money as he was in the same section as the winner.

Barry Hawkes was in “kiddies corner” on the big basin where he had 12oz of small roach for 3rd place (technically) but picked up 2nd place in the overall pool plus his section – for a nice bonus.

Overall the fishing was absolutely terrible with 11 blanks and only 3 weights above 6oz!!! I know it can be hard in winter but this was a warm day with a SW breeze and nothing to make you think it would be this desperate. Highlight of my day was having sat biteless for 4.5 hrs in the Crane basin I watched Trev Dodson suddenly start catching little roach! It was like someone had flicked a switch. Needles to say the switch remained in the OFF position in my peg and I recorded my first blank of the winter – hopefully I won’t break Jon Burtons record of 4 blanks in a row ……….

Next week is the Christmas Match so bring a bottle or something for the prize table and lets hope the fish turn up to play……………see you there

Pegging 12-12-21
Results sheet 12-12-21

Boatyard 10

5th December 2021

Todays Stalham Boatyard match got off to a sad start as Club stalwart and winter match organiser, Colin Jonas, was taken ill shortly after the draw.

Once Colin was in the hands of the paramedics the decision was taken to fish for fun with todays pools money going to the east of England ambulance service.

We all wish Colin a full and speedy recovery.

As I packed up and left early, the only person to have registered a bite out of the 20 entrants before I left was Jon Burton, who had a roach first cast.

Arrangements have been made for next Sundays match club match to go ahead as planned, hope to see you there.

Boat yard 9

28th November 2021

2 wins in a row for Ian Holmes 12lb 3oz off peg 8 on the Gate Basin

Storm Arwen had it’s say with only 13 brave souls prepared to battle the elements.

This at least allowed the Crane basin section to be taken out in lieu of its recent poor form, leaving a section in the Gate basin and two in the big basin.

After last week’s Gate basin results, most were hoping for a draw in there.

The weeks boat movements meant last weeks winning peg was now boats, it didn’t stop Ian Holmes from dishing out another obliteration, this time from further up the right of the basin. His 168 fish went 12-03 for a comfortable win, Dave Dearman finishing second from Gate basin left end with 6-04.

The Big basin continues to be a bit of an enigma, no tench this week though there were several skimmers dotted about, Trev Dodson and Jon Burton claiming those sections with 3-01 and 2-05 respectively.

It’s the Pairs Trophy next week, with hopefully better weather, it’ll be interesting to see if Gate continues its recent form, see you there!

Pegging 28-11-21
Results sheet 28-11-21

Boatyard 8 – Li livard Cup

21st November 2021

Ian Holmes wins with top weight of the year – 18lb 8oz from the Gate Basin

A showery day was forecast with a strengthening northerly wind and for once it (unfortunately) proved to be spot on! But there was still a field of 21 prepared to brave the elements and try their luck. The pegging this week was over the 3 basins and the Crane once more proved to be the short straw with 5 blanks out of 8 pegs!

The bottom end gate basin was THE place to draw this week with the top 3 allcoming from here. Ian Holmes was 1st this week and made it look easy from peg 10 just up the right sideof the gate. He kept small fish coming all day at a good rate to anihilate the field with 18lb 8oz

Trevor Dodson was on peg 12 on the left hand side end of the basin and caught similarly but not so fast for 12lb 9oz and 2nd and between these 2 sat Jon Burton who also caught on the whip but had a bit of a slow period later in the match and had 8lb 15oz for 3rd

The Big Basin was consistently hard all round with jetty 3 (Mark Charlwood- who else!?) being the high spot, producing 7lb 1oz which included a big skimmer and THE 2.5lb TENCH – for the 2nd week in a row.

No doubt next week we will all be there once more hoping for a peg full of fish (like Ian!!!)……………..See you there………….

Boatyard 7 -Singles KO 2nd Rnd

Sunday 14th Novemember 2021

Chris Tims wins with 4lb 6oz (going for the soft focus photo to make me look younger!! No comments!)

A damp grey autumnal day welcomed the 20 anglers who arrived for this Sundays contest. There was the usual discussion about pegging and, after last weeks dire results on the Crane, would it be included? In the light of up to date info (Roger fished it Saturday and caught) it was put in and in truth it fished about as well as the rest of the boatyard! Prolific fishing it ain’t at the moment – more like endurance and suvival of the most stubborn.

Chris Tims was back this week drawing peg 19 in the big basin. He managed to snare 3 large (ish) skimmers on the waggler in the middle of the match to go with his 9 other tiny fish for 4lb 6oz and 1st place.

Dave Dearman was on peg 18 in the big basin and also had a large skimmer on the whip plus a net of small fish to put 3lb 12oz on the scales for 2nd. Meanwhile in the Crane Ian Jones took 3rd place with 3lb 3oz all caught in the last 1,5hrs of the match.

There were 5 blanks this week including 2 on the jetties!!!! and also an oddity in the form of a TENCH which Pete Sutton caught as part of his section winning bag off the 4th jetty.

So its anyones guess where the weights will come from next week there doesn’t seem to be much to go on apart from you can be sure it won’t be easy at the moment, but things can change (hopefully)………..See you there

Pegging map 14-11-21
Results 14-11-21
Singles KO 2nd Rnd results

Boatyard 6 Charity Match

Sunday 7th November 2021

Dave Gipson wins from the 4th Jetty with 12lb 5oz

A better morning than last week greeted the 22 hopefuls, a fairly stiff westerly but no rain in the forecast this week. An otter in gate basin was a sight to see though he soon cleared off as the anglers tackled up.

Talk this week was around the frosts midweek and whether they’d hamper sport, with all the basins pretty much full, gaps were at a premium. With 10 pegs in crane, 4, with the otter in gate, and 9 in the big basin, pretty much everyone wanted a big basin draw.

And so it proved with the top 3 places coming from 3 of the 4 jetty’s in big basin. Crane showed a remarkable dip in form, after providing at least one framer every week so far this winter, there were blanks this week and a top weight in the basin if 3-5 for Spud Sadler. Gate wasn’t much better with a few more fish but all on the small side.

Well done to Dave Gipson winning with 12-5 from peg 18, second was Jon Burton with 9-13 from peg 15 and Trev Dodson third with 8-13 from peg 16, and we’ll done everybody as the club raised £105 for charity.

Next Sunday is the second round of the singles, hope to see you there.

Report and photos this week courtesy of Ian Holmes – Thanks Ian – great job – think I might retire!!!!

Pegging 7-11-21
Results sheet 7-11-21

Boatyard 5 – Singles KO 1st Round

Sunday 31-10-21

The old wizard himself – Denny Hammond- wins with 8lb on Halloween

The morning dawned overcast and lighter than usual as the clocks had gone back 1 hour. However the weather forecast was not good and also proved to be remarkably accurate with their timings for once. Sure enough just before 9am the rain began and then the weateher deteriorated steadily with strengthening winds and heavier rain until about 1.15pm when the rain stopped the wind dropped and the SUN came out.

Unfortunately by then everyone was soaked and fed up of battling the elements not to mention boatyard activity which caused 3 out of 4 anglers in one section to have to move from their pegs on the river to new pegs in the Crane basin.

Denny Hammond was the lucky one as he kept his peg (18) on the River section and made the most of it catching quality perch and small skimmers to put 8lb on the scales and taking 1st place this week.

Trevor Dodson was one of the movers who ended up on “peg 6” in the crane basin and ended up with 5lb 15oz for 2nd place with Dave Edgerton in 3rd with 5lb 12oz

All those who stayed the course and weighed in qualified for the Singles Knock Out opponents will be drawn before the next round on 14-11-21.

I won’t be there next Sunday so I will have to make up what happens from the results sheet – unless anyone else wants to do a report!!!???? if so just email it to and I will post it up on the website and facebook.

I also need photo of the winner if possible please

Results 31-10-21
Pegging 31-10-21

Boatyard 4 – The Hickling Shield

Sunday 24th October 2021

Mark Charlwood wins 2 in a row with 6lb 8oz this week

What with an emergency occurring at the boatyard early on Sunday morning and the best turnout of the winter season so far, with24 members turning up to fish this match, Colin and Jon had their work cut out with the pegging. All problems were overcome however and everyone was ready for the start at 9am.

Mark Charlwood made it 2 in row from peg 13 on the Crane Basin catching all day in his inimitable style to put 6lb 8oz on the scales. Just behind him and on the other side of the Crane on peg 3 was Roger Farmer with 6lb 2oz. Roger was regretting the loss of a big perch which cost him top spot this week but ain’t that just the way things go – 2nd’s not so bad!

Jon Burton had 5lb 13oz for 3rd place from end peg on the Big Basin which made up for all the pegging problems.

Yet again everyone caught and match organiser Colin Jonas managed to snare a decent skimmer to go with his small fish and claim his first section win of the winter – well done Colin!

Colin’s section winning skimmer

Hopefully next week will see the last of the busy weeks and the boats will be in for the winter and maybe the weights will improve – this might also be helped if there were less cormorants to be seen in the yards. There were 2 or 3 in each basin this week all reeking havoc with the roach and skimmers.

Next week is the 1st round of the Singles Knockout – will you qualify? only one way to find out come and fish!………………..See you there

Pegging 24-10-21
Results 24-10-21